Philip von Tell

Venture Project Management | Corporate Development | Management Consulting

Welcome! I specialize in directing new business, expansion, investment and scale-up projects - venture projects. As a freelance consultant I work with Venture Capital investors, Angels and Fast-Growing companies, where I help to research, plan and ultimately implement growth strategies and head investment projects.

What I do builds on 15+ years of leading venture projects - during which I've worked on both small and large projects, expanded business to new countries, evaluated and implemented new business models and strategies, directed investment projects, worked with digital and traditional companies, and built Eur m+ revenues companies from scratch.

What I Do

  • Analyzing and evaluating emerging markets, technology areas and sectors for investment and growth potential.

  • Researching and defining growth and establishment strategies.

  • Evaluating market readiness, value propositions and business models for Product-Market-Fit.

  • Structuring and managing Joint Ventures, strategic partnerships and capital raising.

  • Directing growth, expansion and investment projects - implementing growth strategies and investment plans.

For VC investors, the work I do include analyzing and mapping industries and emerging technology spheres, clarifying investment and growth opportunities, identifying companies and sourcing deals, and turning insights and bets into stakes and positions.

For Fast-Growing companies, the work I do include analyzing potential markets and opportunities, test concepts and develop growth strategies, plan and manage investment and scale-up projects, and ultimately implement growth strategies and head venture projects.

Helped Proximate, a seed VC funded Edge data center company, define their strategy, build their financial model, raise capital and source M&A deals.

Helped CRE8OR evaluate investment opportunities and co-lead their venture projects across Europe.

Helped Xllnc expand into new countries by taking lead of their market entry strategy and establishments.

Helped Artec3D to redefine work processes and implement new tools to support their scale-up.

About Me

Starting as a management and strategy consultant in Stockholm (Sweden), but aiming to implement and build companies more hands-on, I have during the last 15+ years worked as a Corporate Developer and Project Director for primarily Nordic fast-growing companies and investors on growth and establishment projects across Europe. (Click the right side arrow to expand the text.)

During this time, I have built new companies from scratch into Eur m+ revenue businesses; planned and directed new country investment projects (FDI); managed JVs, IR, and strategic partnerships; and worked alongside proven entrepreneurs and investors on growth and venture projects.

The type of work and assignments I do include market and strategy research, strategy definition and implementation; financial analysis and investment planning; process mapping and engineering; buildup of organisations and delivery capabilities; validating of new business models, value propositions and products; forming and management of Joint Ventures, strategic partnerships, and investor relations; and in essence build and scale companies to become recognized industry challengers.

Since 2020 I work on a freelance basis. As part of my work as a freelancer I serve as Head of Investor and Partner Relations for the company Proximate - an Edge data center venture focused on building next-generation digital infrastructure across Europe.

I have an M.Sc. in Business and Economics from the University of Stockholm, Sweden; in addition to being a certified Business Analyst (BCS) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO).

When not working, I’m an avid cyclist and runner who enjoys reading, cooking and caring for my wife and our two children. Also, building on my interest in strategy and technology, I have written the book The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing, which at the time of its publishing gained industry recognition and proceeded to become a recommended industry book to read.


Please feel free to connect to me on Linkedin. I'm always glad to speak to fellow entrepreneurs, investors and growth leaders.