Helping companies connect growth strategies and plans to finance and capital.

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Based in London and working with stakeholders and projects globally, I help fast-growing companies develop well-researched growth plans, raise capital, manage investor relations, and ultimately implement growth and investment projects.

What I do builds on 15+ years leading venture projects, during which I have built £m+ revenue companies from scratch, directed investment projects, and researched and planned investment and growth opportunities in new markets and technology areas. My background is in the management consulting sphere, on top of which I've served multiple years as a Venture Partner, Chief of Staff and Project Director for VC investors, successful entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss projects and engagements. Thank you.

Philip von Tell



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The easiest way to contact me and start a dialogue is through LinkedIn. Please feel free to send me a request to connect. I'm always glad to speak to fellow entrepreneurs, investors and growth leaders.