Philip von Tell

Helping VC-Investors Source and Develop Companies.

Management Consulting Tuned to Venture Capital Investors, Angels and Founders.


I help Venture Capital Investors, Angels and Founders to source and evaluate investment opportunities, implement investment strategies and develop portfolio companies.

What I do builds on +15 years in management consulting, venture project management and corporate development - a time during which I've assisted investors and entrepreneurs to evaluate opportunities, define strategies and build fast-growing companies from the ground-up into established market challengers. I work with my clients on consulting basis, adding execution capabilities and ultimately assisting them to achieve their strategies and goals.

Read more below what I do and how I help my clients - and please feel free to reach out to me to find out how I could assist you with your projects and endeavors.

Philip von Tell

Management Consultant & Corporate Developer

What I Do

What I do builds on combining strategy and management consulting with Agile principles to lead investment and buildup projects of companies and markets.

Strategy and Investment Research

I help Venture Capital investors build and gain an in-depth understanding of specific markets, technology opportunities and trends to develop and validate investment hypotheses. I help my clients answer questions such as where is technology XYZ heading, what are the trends, what are the use-cases, what will a wider technology adoption require, which companies and other investors are active in the sphere, what is the likely growth and value rates of an emerging industry or market? The research and answers are based not only on secondary sources, but more importantly, on collecting and analyzing first-source data and expert opinions as this gives a competitive edge in decision-making, implementation and being first where it counts.

Deal Sourcing and Evaluations

I help Venture Capital investors to expand their search field for companies and founders to invest in by targeting specific industries, markets and technology areas. With my assistance, Investors gain up-to-date views of companies and investment opportunities in areas they otherwise might not have had the resources to work on by themselves as sourcing often requires dedicated time to not only identify opportunities, but also to filter and to screen the identified potential opportunities.​

Company Growth Management

Having successfully built companies from the ground-up, introduced disruptive business-models, and having a background in strategy and management consulting - I help Founders and Investors to develop and implement growth and scale-up strategies for their specific portfolio companies. This line of work is as much about researching and gaining facts to support decision-making, as it is about working with management to plan and implement decisions.

Previous Engagements

In my work I've built new companies from the ground up, directed investment projects, identified growth opportunities, and successfully defined and implemented growth strategies.

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Business Management

  • Responsible for the expansion and buildup of a fast-growing Nordic stock-listed company's business in Russia, building the business from scratch into a multi-million-dollar revenue company with country-wide delivery capabilities, representation and clients.

  • Oversaw and planned the expansion and scaling-up of a Nordic operational leasing company in Russia and Ukraine; including defining a successful strategy and financial model to build the company into a fast-growing and well-recognized market-challenger.

Corporate & Strategy Development

  • Directed various market evaluations, business planning, financial modelling and investment proposals for Nordic companies and international investors considering investments and buildup of business in the CIS region (countries of the former Soviet Union).

  • Evaluated and researched investment opportunities for a boutique investment firm while serving as its Corporate Developer.

  • Directed various Joint Venture and Strategic Partnership projects, from initiation and structuring to managing them.

  • Directed market research, forecasting, scenario-making and strategy evaluation projects for various Nordic large-cap companies as a management consultant.

Project Management

  • In charge of evaluating digital tools (features, compatibility, processes and costs), and ultimately responsible for the development of a tailored solution, for a blue-chip Nordic retailer.

  • In charge of evaluating and implementing a digital document management processes and infrastructure for a fast-growing digital leader with offices around Europe and the US.

  • Have co-led strategic business development projects to gain first client(s), capital commitments and platforms to stand on for continued growth.


About Me

What I do builds on +15 years of working with founders, investors and business leaders planning, investing in, building and scaling plan fast-growing companies.

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I build and develop companies in the intersection between strategy, technology, investments and new markets. I work as a Corporate Developer, Project Manager and Venture Partner with mainly Nordic investors and founders pursuing growth and investment opportunities in new markets and countries.

Following my master's studies at the University of Stockholm, Sweden;  I worked as a management and strategy consultant with mainly Nordic telecoms and government agencies. Aiming to not only recommend on strategies and investments, but also to implement them, I spent the next few years leading international expansion projects for Nordic companies and investors in Russia and other CIS-countries - which gave me not only the experience of managing fast-growing companies, but also doing business in fast-growing and dynamic markets.

From 2016, I've worked on technology and IT-platform based projects and investments for a boutique Anglo-Nordic investment and consulting firm. In addition during this time, following my passion for technology, business and strategy, I authored and published my book The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing, which became an industry recommended book.

Since 2021 I work on freelance basis, supporting investors and founders to research, plan and manage investment and company development projects.

On a more personal note, when I'm not working, I enjoy cycling, running, reading, cooking and caring for my wife and our two children.

Please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin. I'm always glad to speak to fellow entrepreneurs, investors and growth-leaders.

Philip von Tell

Management Consultant & Corporate Developer

M.Sc. in Business and Economics, Stockholm Business School, Sweden.

Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO), Certified Business Analyst (BSC).

Author of the book "The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing".

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, and conversational Russian.


Reach out to me to find out more how I could assist you with your projects.

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