Philip von Tell

Helping Founders and VC-Investors Identify and Develop Growth and Investment Opportunities.


I specialize in helping Founders and Venture Capital Investors to identify, evaluate and develop growth and investment opportunities.

What I do is in essence management consulting tuned to the needs of Venture Capital investors and Fast-Growing Companies. What I do stretch from deal sourcing for investors in search for investment opportunities, to assisting Founders develop and implement growth and scaling strategies. What I do builds on +15 years in management consulting, venture project management, company management and corporate development.

Read more below what I do and how I help my clients - and please reach out to me to find out how I could assist you with your projects and endeavors.

Philip von Tell

Management Consultant & Corporate Developer

What I Do

  • Deal Sourcing - Identifying and evaluating investment, partnering and acquisition opportunities; M&A facilitation and coordination.

  • Investment Evaluations - Evaluating companies, business plans and growth opportunities. Testing and validating business cases, product-market-fit and growth strategies.

  • Hypothesis Validation - Market, macro trends and industry research to develop and validate investment hypotheses.

  • Founder and Management Support - Helping the management of fast-growing companies to develop and implement growth strategies through strategic business development, project management, product management, and corporate development.

Previous Engagements

For the past +15 years I've worked as a Project Manager, Corporate Developer, and Business Executive - researching, defining and implementing solutions and strategies to scale business, build new companies and establish new market challengers.

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Business Management

  • Responsible for the expansion and buildup of a fast-growing Nordic stock-listed company's business in Russia, building the business from scratch into a multi-million-dollar revenue company with country-wide delivery capabilities, representation and clients.

  • Oversaw and planned the expansion and scaling-up of a Nordic operational leasing company in Russia and Ukraine; including defining a successful strategy and financial model to build the company into a fast-growing and well-recognized market-challenger.

Corporate & Strategy Development

  • Directed various market evaluations, business planning, financial modelling and investment proposals for Nordic companies and international investors considering investments and buildup of business in the CIS region (countries of the former Soviet Union).

  • Evaluated and researched investment opportunities for a boutique investment firm while serving as its Corporate Developer.

  • Directed various Joint Venture and Strategic Partnership projects, from initiation and structuring to managing them.

  • Directed market research, forecasting, scenario-making and strategy evaluation projects for various Nordic large-cap companies as a management consultant.

Project Management

  • In charge of evaluating digital tools (features, compatibility, processes and costs), and ultimately responsible for the development of a tailored solution, for a blue-chip Nordic retailer.

  • In charge of evaluating and implementing a digital document management processes and infrastructure for a fast-growing digital leader with offices around Europe and the US.

  • Have co-led strategic business development projects to gain first client(s), capital commitments and platforms to stand on for continued growth.


About Me

Ever since reading Competing for the Future, I've had a keen interest in the cross-section between strategy, technology and venture capital for the buildup of new companies and markets. ...

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Unbeknown to me at the time when reading Competing for the Future, it came to trigger a specialisation and the buildup of skills for work in a world characterized by entrepreneurship, venture capital, growth management and project management. Sounds like a lot of buzz, but that is what it is.

Starting my career in Management Consulting at the Stockholm office of what is today Analysys Mason, but aiming to take a step further to both define and implement strategies, I've since then worked on Corporate Development and venture projects for the buildup and scaling of new companies and investments.

Over time, I've worked with well recognized and successful international entrepreneurs, investors and technology leaders across different industries, markets and countries. Starting in Sweden, my home country, I've come to live and manage investment and growth projects in Russia and Ukraine, and I've worked on projects with clients and stakeholders from one end of the world to the other. While some projects have required in-depth research and evaluation of opportunities and markets for business planning and financial modelling, other projects have focused on digitalizing processes and scaling up business for fast-growing companies. Despite the somewhat wide scope, the projects and work have all shared the common trait of being at the edge of new markets, products and ways of doing things, very much related to "Competing for the Future".

From 2016, following my years leading investment and establishment projects in Russia and the CIS region for Nordic companies and international investors, I've worked on technology and software projects for a boutique Anglo-Nordic investment and consulting firm as a Corporate Developer and senior Project Manager for the firm's investments and projects on digital services and platforms. During this time, following my field of interest, I've authored and published the book The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing, which became an industry-recognized and recommended book to read. Since 2021, I work on a freelance basis, supporting investors and entrepreneurs in managing and developing venture projects.

On a more personal note, when I'm not working, I enjoy cycling, running, reading, cooking and caring for my wife and our two children.

Please feel free to connect to me through Linkedin. I'm always glad to speak to fellow entrepreneurs, investors and growth-leaders.

Philip von Tell

Management Consultant & Corporate Developer

M.Sc. in Business and Economics, Stockholm Business School, Sweden.

Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO), Certified Business Analyst (BSC).

Author of the book "The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing".

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, and basic Russian.


Reach out to me to find out more how I could add assist you with your projects and goals. Send me a message, schedule a meeting with me, or connect with me on LinkedIn - whichever is easiest for you.