What I do builds on +15 years of working side-by-side with Founders, Investors and managers - researching opportunities, raising capital, managing projects and building companies.

What I do centers around venture and investment capital, strategy implementation, and managing investment projects with the goal to establish, scale and expand fast-growing companies.

Following my master's studies at the University of Stockholm (Sweden) - I worked as a management and strategy consultant for mainly Nordic infrastructure, telecom and government organizations and companies. Aiming to not only recommend on strategies and investments, but also to manage and implement projects, I spent the next few years leading international expansion ventures for Nordic companies and investors in Russia and other CIS-countries. It is on the combination of my background in management consulting, venture project management and leading fast-growing companies, that I've built my specialization in Corporate Development and now provide services to investors and company leaders.

From 2016, I've worked on technology and SaaS projects and investments for a boutique Anglo-Nordic investment and consulting firm. In addition, following my passion for technology-business-strategy, I authored and published the book "The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing", which achieved recognition in the industry and became a recommended book to read.

Since 2021 I work on freelance basis, supporting investors and founders to research, plan and manage investment and company development projects.

On a more personal note, when I'm not working, I enjoy cycling, running, reading, cooking and caring for my wife and our two children.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and AngelList. I'm always glad to speak to fellow entrepreneurs, investors and growth-leaders.

Philip von Tell

Philip von Tell

Management Consultant & Corporate Developer