Philip von Tell

Corporate & Strategy Developer, Venture Project Manager

I assist Founders, Investors, and Business Leaders to plan, build and manage projects and investments in new and fast growing markets.

I specialise in leading and managing venture and investment projects geared at transforming market and growth opportunities into scalable and established companies. I provide my services on advisory basis as a consultant, but also as a venture partner for long-term engagements. What I do include:

Strategy Research & Evaluations

  • Researching & evaluating growth opportunities (market, economics, trends).
  • Evaluating business models, value propositions and growth strategies.
  • Financial modelling, investment planning, revenue forecasting.

Strategy Implementation for Entrepreneurs & Founders

  • Defining growth strategies and commercialising products and services.
  • Managing and leading Investor Relations and capital raising.
  • Initiating, structuring and managing JV:s and Strategic Partnerships.
  • Planning and leading the buildup of fulfilment capabilities.

Strategy Implementation for Investors & Growth Companies

  • Investment and strategy planning.
  • Deal sourcing and investment due-diligence.
  • Portfolio company management support (Startup / SME management consulting)

Project Management (Traditional and Agile).

  • Project and venture management.
  • Agile product ownership.
  • Project coordination.
  • Strengthening SME company management for strategy implementation and Corporate Development.

Previous Engagements Include:

  • Have directed country expansions - transforming opportunities to established businesses, from scratch to fully operational companies with +$m revenue, cashflows, streamlined business processes, supply chains, and scalable fulfilment and delivery capabilities.​
  • Have pitched investment opportunities and successfully raised equity and debt capital for the buildup and scaling of business.​
  • Have built Minimum Viable Products:s (MVP) of services and products to gain market feedback, validate economics, and test implementation and operations feasibility.
  • Have strategy consulted large corporates and SME:s.
  • Have managed investor and stakeholder relations for Joint Ventures, strategic partnerships, and M&A:s.​​
  • Have evaluated and introduced digital business processes and tools to enhance operations and processes at both small companies and large enterprises in their pursuit of a digital edge and transformation.