Evaluating, designing and building companies with venture capital, strategy, technology and entrepreneurial boldness and Agile practices is my passion and something I've been doing for more than 15 years.

  • Raised in Sweden, but I also spent time living in Central America and the US while growing up. Living and studying in different countries gave me from early on a relatively broad perspective on the differences between countries, cultures, economies, and geographies - but also the perspective of considering the differences as advantages and opportunities.
  • Following a year serving at the Swedish Air Force - I studied Business Administration and Economics at the Stockholm School of Business, University of Stockholm - graduating 2002 with my Master’s thesis being awarded the institution’s Gold award. During these years, I worked on strategy research assignments for Telia and Skanova (the Nordic region’s largest telecom and telecom infrastructure companies) - giving me an early insight into the topics and challenges facing large companies transitioning their strategy and business to new technologies and infrastructure.
  • After graduating, I started working as a management consultant at a boutique strategy and research company (Stelacon, nowadays Analysys Mason); where I headed research, analysis and evaluation projects of markets, technology/finance and investment/business plans for clients ranging from stock-listed companies to Swedish government agencies.
  • Wishing to work more hands-on with strategy execution, deal-making and investments; I started to help companies and founders in 2004 to evaluate business and investment plans, strategic opportunities and the realisation of these. Being at the melting-pot of venture capital, strategy, project management and technology development - and continually driving projects forward and reaching out to companies and people - I gained a range of clients, from startups up to stock-listed companies.
  • In 2005 I was given the opportunity to direct the expansion and investment projects in Russia for a Nordic stock-listed company; and which I accepted as this allowed me to gain first-hand operational and management experience of leading a fast-growing company in one of the world's fastest-growing developing markets.
  • Since engaging in Russia, I have been active in various parts of the CIS region (Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union) - researching, testing, leading and advising growth and investment projects. The projects I have worked on have ranged from green-field projects with Nordic and Russian investors and founders seeking to evaluate the opportunities of leveraging their assets and business models, to heading multi-million dollar Foreign Direct Investments for the buildup of new business infrastructure, operations and assets.
  • Over time, and with an growing wish to work more with technology centred projects, I started working in 2016 with CRE8OR - an Anglo-Nordic venture capital and IT/digitalisation firm - as the firm's vision and interests strongly correlate with mine (venture capital, Emerging Markets, digitalisation, and strategy execution). At CRE8OR, I direct, advise and co-lead the firm’s investment and strategic business development projects.
  • On a more personal level I’m happily married (+10 years) to my Russian wife; and enjoy my free time perfecting my skills in cycling, carpentry, cooking, and, most importantly, caring for my family and our two children (5 and 10 years old).


Profession: +15 years in Corporate Development, Venture Project Management and senior management positions. Prior to this, a few years in management and strategy consulting. Extensive experience in leading international venture and expansion projects.

Education: M.Sc. in Business and Economics, Stockholm University, Sweden. Focus on Corporate Strategy and International Business.

Additional Certificates & Training: Business Analysis, Agile Product Ownership (PSPO Scrum), Business Intelligence, SQL, Data Modelling, etc.

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish (fluent), Russian (conversational).

Based at: Stockholm, Moscow, and London. Considers projects all over the world.

Publications: Combining my interests in business, strategy and game-changing innovations - I have written the book The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing - which became a recommended book within the industry as it describes Additive Manufacturing technologies from a business perspective.