Philip von Tell

Corporate & Strategy Developer, Venture Project Manager

Building and engineering business with innovation, venture capital and strategy is my passion and something I've been doing for more than 15 years.

Starting in Management Consulting and proceeding to Corporate Development, I have worked with large corporates as well as with venture-capital funded projects for investment and growth initiatives across industries and countries. Driven by curiosity and the ambition to build companies and explore new markets, I have worked on projects ranging from identifying and evaluating strategic growth opportunities in the digital sphere to directing international USD +m expansion and investment projects.

Currently I'm serving on the Board of Directors of CRE8OR, an Anglo-Nordic IT and Venture Project firm - expanding and leading the company's international projects and investments. Regions I'm currently involved in large parts of Europe, but also Russia, Belarus and Saudi Arabia.


Profession: +15 years in Corporate Development, Venture Project Management and senior management positions. Prior to this, a few years in management and strategy consulting. Extensive experience in leading international venture and expansion projects.

Education: M.Sc. in Business and Economics, Stockholm University, Sweden. Focus on Corporate Strategy and International Business.

Additional Certificates & Training: Business Analysis, Agile Product Ownership (PSPO Scrum), Business Intelligence, SQL, Data Modelling, etc.

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish (fluent), Russian (conversational).

Based at: Stockholm, Moscow, and London. Considers projects all over the world.

Publications: Combining my interests in business, strategy and game-changing innovations - I have written the book The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing - which became a recommended book within the industry as it describes Additive Manufacturing technologies from a business perspective.