Helping Founders and companies realize growth opportunities, evaluate and manage investments, and establish business in new markets and countries.

I help my clients to:

  • Research, define and implement growth strategies, including business and financial modelling, budgeting and planning.

  • Plan and lead international expansion projects, including defining, strengthening and tuning Product-Market Fit.

  • Improve and implement processes and structures to support growth and expansion of business.

Management Consulting and Project Management tuned to Founders and Fast-Growing Companies.

My value contribution to Founders and fast-growing companies builds on my experience and track-record of leading and building companies from the ground up into million dollar revenue businesses. In addition, the approach I propose to analyzing and delivering solutions builds on my background in management consulting and my experience in project management (Agile and traditional), business analysis and corporate development.

From a Venture Capital perspective, the management support I provide is primarily tuned for Seed and series A-Round companies, meaning teams and companies pursuing market establishment, product-market fit, and those readying for international expansion.