Management Consulting Tuned to VC Investors and Fast-Growing Companies.

  • Project and Product Management

  • Strategy Research and Implementation

  • Deal Sourcing and M&A Support

  • Financial Analysis and Modelling

Welcome! I help Venture Capital investors and fast-growing companies identify, evaluate and develop growth and investment opportunities.

Based in London but working with stakeholders globally, I assist investors and fast-growing companies to research and evaluate investment opportunities; define and plan growth strategies; and lead investment and development projects for the buildup of new market challengers and industry leaders.

What I do builds on 15+ years leading venture projects, during which I have built m+ revenue companies from scratch, planned and directed investment projects, and researched and evaluated markets and emerging technology spheres.

Read more below about what I do and who I am; and feel free to reach out to me to discuss projects and engagements. Thank you.

What I Do

Assisting Venture Capital investors and fast-growing companies to pursue growth, industry and market leadership.

  1. Researching emerging markets and technology spheres for growth projections, scenarios, usage cases and underlying growth drivers.

  2. Deal-sourcing, M&A support, forming of Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships, and managing investor and partner relations.

  3. Evaluating investment and growth opportunities, financial modeling and analysis, and due-diligence support and coordination.

  4. Early-stage company development and heading of new market establishment, growth and scale-up engagements, either in an advisory or a more hands-on project directorship role.

What I do builds on my experience in directing venture projects, implementing strategies, and developing companies.

  1. Market, industry and strategy research, including both quantitative and qualitative research methods and data analysis.

  2. Strategic business development and management of Investor Relations and strategic partnerships.

  3. Financial analysis, modeling, forecasts, validations; as well as financial planning and structuring of investments and companies.

  4. Company management, Product Management, and Agile project management, as a company director and Management and Strategy Consultant, but also as a Product Manager and Agile Product Owner.

Investors, Founders and management teams chose to work with me as a consultant and project manager as it allows them to:

  1. Build knowledge and insights in new areas and markets without having to change the focus and work of their teams.

  2. Strengthen their execution capabilities in new markets and spheres with someone experienced in, and with a track-record, of building companies and heading investment projects in new markets.

  3. Add proven research and execution capabilities when needed for time-limited projects and tasks.

  4. Strengthen their portfolio companies' management teams with someone experienced working on both sides of the table - investors and investees.

Helped Proximate, a seed VC funded Edge data center company, define their strategy, build their financial model, raise capital and source M&A deals.

Helped CRE8OR evaluate investment opportunities and co-lead their venture projects across Europe.

Helped Xllnc expand into new countries by taking lead of their market entry strategy and establishments.

Helped Artec3D to redefine work processes and implement new tools to support their scale-up.



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About Me

Working at the edge of technology development with market, strategy and investment questions is my passion and what I've come to specialise in over the years.

What I do build on my experience leading, planning and evaluating venture projects, but also on my background in management consulting and directing (CFO, Corporate Developer, Venture Partner, Board Member) of fast-growing companies.

Since 2020 I work on freelance basis. As part of my work as a freelancer I serve as Head of Investor and Partner Relations for the company Proximate - an Edge data center venture focused on building next-generation digital infrastructure across Europe.

I have an M.Sc. in Business and Economics from the University of Stockholm, Sweden; in addition to being a certified Agile Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO), certified Business Analyst (BCS), and a certified Product Manager (PMHQ Technical PM + Stanford University).

When not working, I’m an avid cyclist and runner who enjoys reading, cooking and caring for my wife and our two children. Also, building on my interest in strategy and technology, I have written the book The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing, which at the time of its publishing gained industry recognition and has since then proceeded to become a recommended industry book to read.


Please feel free to connect to me on Linkedin. I'm always glad to speak to fellow entrepreneurs, investors and growth leaders.