Philip von Tell

Corporate Developer, Venture Partner

Managing venture projects, executing effective growth strategies, and working in close collaboration with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is what I specialize in and have been doing for +15 years.

Starting in Management Consulting, followed by +15 years of leading Joint Ventures and venture projects - I today head technology-centered and venture capital fueled projects together with global tech leaders and innovators.

My track-record includes having designed and implemented successful growth strategies; raised investment capital; directed investment and establishment ventures in Russia and other CIS-countries with Nordic investors and fast-growing companies; strategy consulted blue-chip firms; and I have built companies from the ground up into recognized market challengers.

As from 2016 I work with CRE8OR, an Anglo-Nordic IT-consulting and venture capital firm ( with presence in London and Moscow, where I lead the firm's investment projects and serve as Product Manager for the Accelerate project (

In addition, I'm the author of the industry-recognized book The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing, where I outline and demonstrate the strategic opportunity that 3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies offers companies pursuing next-generation digital manufacturing.

In terms of Education, I have an M.Sc. in Business and Economics from the University of Stockholm, Sweden; in addition to being a certified Business Analyst (BCS) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO).

When not working, I’m an avid cyclist and runner who enjoys reading, cooking and caring of my wife and our two children.

Please feel free to connect to me through Linkedin. I'm always glad to speak to fellow entrepreneurs, investors and growth-leaders.