Looking for Startup, tech and Venture Capital events in the Nordics?

Looking at the main events (summits, conferences, meetings) for Nordic early-stage companies and investors, I've highlighted some of the main ones below.

Some of the events are for on-site presence, and others are hybrids (on-site and remote). Some require tickets and a fee, while others are free to attend. For details, please see each discrete event's details. The list is not exhaustive, i.e. there are more events planned than those listed below. But, the ones that I have listed below are those that matter more than others in general startup and VC terms. If you come to think of any events that you believe should be included in the list (happening in the Nordics or meaningful to Nordic investors and startups in 2022), please send me an email and let me know which one. Remember also that due to the Corona epidemic, things can change quickly. As such, please double-check dates and notices on the events' respective websites.

Thank you. :)

Click to enlarge and see the full list of events.