What I Do

I work with Founders, Investors, and Strategic Visionaries to Research, Plan, and Ultimately Build New Companies from the Ground Up.

Market research, strategic planning, validations, valuations, deal-sourcing, managing of strategic partnerships and joint ventures, and ultimately leading projects for the build-up and expansion of business is what I do and have been doing for +15 years. Being at the centre of where technology, innovation, strategy, venture capital, business and entrepreneurship meet is where I operate and specialise in.

  • Business, Investment and Strategy Planning. Researching, evaluating and validating market-, investment-, and growth-opportunities; looking at trends, challenges, technical and legal requirements; but also identifying and speaking to potential clients and partners in order to quantify and thoroughly understand the opportunities and how to realise them.
  • Strategic Business Development. Initiating and building relationships with new and potential strategic clients; forming of strategic partnerships, testing growth strategies, commercialising new products and services, development of marketing and sales material and approaches; and ultimately gaining the sales tools and reference clients needed for the successful buildup of companies in new markets and industries.
  • Project Management and Strategy Execution. Taking plans into action and ultimately transform opportunity into results. The type of projects I support my Clients to manage span from more traditional ones to digital projects where Agile approaches are needed to successfully build next-generation services, products and business models.
  • Corporate Development. Deal sourcing, valuations, due-diligence, managing strategic partnerships and Joint Ventures, managing investor relations, raising equity and debt capital, negotiating partnership structures; but also leading the buildup and transformation of fulfilment capabilities, business processes, and business models.

Previous Engagements Include:

  • Headed new market establishment projects in Russia and other CIS-countries for Nordic companies, successfully transforming market opportunities to fully established businesses.
  • Directed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects in Russia and other CIS-countries.
  • Successfully lead equity and debt capital raising projects.
  • Directed the initiation and managing of strategic partnerships and Joint Ventures to help companies enter new markets and industries.
  • Headed market and concept testing projects, including the buildup of MVPs and introduction of new business models and value propositions.
  • Directed strategy research and analysis projects on assignment by stock-listed multi-nationals across different industries.
  • Lead the evaluation of potential investees and markets for venture capital investments.